Wilson Sticker

80mm Diameter
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Wilson Sticker


Inspired by the movie Cast Away and the iconic Wilson the volleyball who became the only companion for the stranded Chuck on a desert island. 

We've all spent many days and nights on the bank and it got us thinking about an angling equivalent for those long lonely sessions. Who better than an angling legend of the same name? Now you can chat away to Mr Wilson, whether on your mug at brew time discussing tactics or to shout back to your bucket when you hook one with the classic phrase "we're in Wilson"

80mm Diameter Circle Sticker - Wilson

All of our stickers are high tack vinyl stickers, they are waterproof with an extra-strong adhesive making them the perfect sticker for your bait bucket.

You wont need to worry about leaving your bucket in the rain or squeezing it into the boot of your car, the stickers are as tough as old boots!

All of our high tack vinyl stickers have the following benefits:

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • Extra-strong permanent adhesive
  • Water resistant
  • Non-yellowing

High tack vinyl stickers are suitable for application onto almost all flat or slightly curved surfaces, but are not recommended for use on textured or rough surfaces.
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