Instagram Photo Competition (Win a £10 Voucher Every Month)

Fishing and photography go hand in hand these days, and whilst we all want to be holding up a big ol’ Carp for the camera, sometimes the Carp have other ideas and evade capture. Thankfully, whilst we’re on the bank we are surrounded by other things we can capture which can ease the pain of going home on a blank.

If like us you have a keen interest in photography, you will probably enjoy  capturing a great photograph almost as much as a great Carp. Whether it be a stunning sunset during the “golden hour”, a lake view at first light as the mist rolls in, a Kingfisher perched on your rod, or anything that simply captures the moment of being there that you can look back on to remind you of that moment.

We’d love to see your pics, and that’s why we are running a photo competition over on our Instagram page @oneoffthespot  Continue reading “Instagram Photo Competition (Win a £10 Voucher Every Month)”

Wildies, Corduroy slacks and hand me down jumpers

I don’t remember the date but I do vividly remember being sat as a child staring into a gin-clear river; watching Minnow, Dace, Gudgeon, and Chublet dance in the sunshine, and being utterly transfixed. It became a regular haunt of ours as kids in the early 80’s, biking down to the bridge on the Perry. I also remember the first time I looked over the bridge and saw a monstrous Chub emerge from the weed raft trapped around the pier, it was ominously dark, torpedo-like, and almost unreal, its huge white mouth glowing and pulsating as it turned and drifted back to its lair. At the time the idea of hooking such a thing actually scared me. None the less we went on to hunt these Chub for a good few years from bridge, weir pool, willow covered holes, and various bends of our local stretch, in time becoming quite adept at finding and fooling them. But the river years is for another time as I am keen to explain my corduroy trousers.  Continue reading “Wildies, Corduroy slacks and hand me down jumpers”

A Bite Out Of Cancer – Fighting Cancer with a passion you love!!

The man behind A Bite Out Of Cancer is a lovely chap called Mike Smith. Below, is his story giving you an insight into what ABOOC do and why they do it! As I write this they have raised over £18K for Cancer Research, so please take the time to read Mike’s story and support them if you can.

“We raise money for Cancer Research UK by catching fish – which seems to be mainly Carp at present, but I can not stress this enough… This is not just for Carp Fishing, what we do is for all species of fish.

So, I’m going to tell you about my passion for Angling and how and why I started to do this for Cancer Research UK.  Continue reading “A Bite Out Of Cancer – Fighting Cancer with a passion you love!!”

**Custom Design Series** #1 – Kudos Tackle

As well as working on our own designs we also work with some great people and companies to help them create that special something.

Kudos Tackle were the first company to contact us after our launch, they supplied us their logo, we then made the necessary size and colour adjustments required to make it suitable for printing on our glow mugs. Kudos were the first tackle company to have our glow in the dark mugs.

If you are looking to have some custom mugs made for you or your business, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Ray & Leon


The Carp Society – The Little Farriers Lake Social 2019

Following on from our 2018 blog, Ray, Dave and I were keen to get another date in the diary for 2019, so within days of our trip coming to an end, we had booked the same weekend the following year for another 3 nights fishing. Naturally there was a dedicated WhatsApp group for the occasion to cater for 12 months of thoughts, tactics, planning, and of course banter!

As the trip got nearer, an unfortunate situation presented itself (for Dave at least) because Dave’s wife had booked a family holiday to Spain during the same period of time as our 3 night fishing trip. Needless to say Dave was devastated, as it meant he either had to face divorce, sell his house, and fight for custody of his kids, or miss our 3 night booking on Little Farriers. The WhatsApp group was non stop that evening as we all weighed up the pros and cons of Daves 2 options, Continue reading “The Carp Society – The Little Farriers Lake Social 2019”